Extraordinary Ordinary Objects: The Toothbrush

Some things in life are needed for practical purposes.  This is a concept that I am not overly enthusiastic about—I mean, I like useful things, but given the choice, I would rather spend my money on a variety of useless objects (i.e. hardcover books about throwing a party for your dog, vintage magazines, paper Donald Duck straws at the flea market, washi tape in various colors and patterns, etc.)  It is much easier to justify a fun purchase when you know it will be used on a daily basis.

Enter Extraordinary Ordinary Objects—my weekly post about practical items in their most attractive forms.  I plan on sharing my unique basics with you on Wednesday each week so that you never use boring finger nail clippers, cleaning products, toilet paper, etc. EVER again.

This week, I took it upon myself to curate a collection of toothbrushes in honor of Rachel’s wisdom tooth removal (ouch!)  Feel better, Rachel!

1. Pantone toothbrush set $10 for set of 5, Kikkerland 2. Swissco Tortoiseshell toothbrush $4, Anthropologie 3. Source toothbrush $6.95, Radius 4. SuperSmile toothbrush $9, QVC 5. Alan Stuart Designer toothbrush $6.50, Almanders Alley

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