Love is Life!

Perhaps it’s simply the aftermath of the wisdom teeth removal, but I’m feeling quite philosophical today (ironic, huh?).  After much TiVo, I ran out of shows to watch and like any woman in my position would do, I naturally flipped to Lifetime for some mid-day drama.


A pleasant new show called “The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet” was playing.  On the show, Amanda interviews prominent women about growing up, relationships, being fearless and learning to love life.  During the episode I caught, Diane Von Furstenburg vowed,

“The most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself.”

Though a simple thought, DVF verbalized precisely what we wish for Planned Spontaneity to bring to you.  We may not reach into your soul, but if we can make you smile or inspire you to do something you enjoy, that’s enough for us!


Looking for a new life mantra? Perhaps you should check out DVF’s mantra iPhone cases because they’re absolutely adorable and completely affordable.

Have fun being YOU!

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