For the Gamer in You

Everyone loves a good board game now and then, particularly in conjunction with wine night!

1. For the Closeted Gamer:

If you are anything like Tara and I, you probably have an entire board game closet… If that’s the case, Scattegories is a necessity.  Depending on the letter you roll and the category you choose, Scattegories can be extremely easy or extremely challenging; but a fun word game, nonetheless.

2. For the Traveling Gamer:

This is for those who prefer a trendy, small game to fit inside a suitcase or keep tucked in your back seat for a special occasion.  In the game Catch Phrase, you must describe a word to others in the room until they guess it… or until time runs out!

3. For the Spontaneous Gamer:

This is for those of you who prefer to break out a game when no one expects it.  I’ve found a delightfully fun App called “Unspeakable” for iPhones and iPads.  It is essentially Taboo, the perfect team game: similar to Catch Phrase, you must get your other teammates to guess a word.  To make it more difficult, there are specified words you cannot say, listed below.  Perhaps you should play this first if choosing the wine night game method…

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