Store Style: Target

Happy Monday! Today we each picked looks from Target–I did not look at Rachel’s images until after I picked mine and it looks like we were thinking along the same lines (this tends to happen quite often).  The Webster Collection at Target is fabulous–so summery and fun!

I (Tara) have a HUGE Target problem…I cannot go in that store without buying at least one completely ridiculous item. Every time I go, any carefully crafted lists of things I need flies out the window and I end up with a cart full of printed Duct tape, sparkly notebooks, stickers, chew toys for my dogs, individually packaged cupcakes, etc. I buy these things as opposed to say…the batteries and gallon of milk I had intended on purchasing.  After surfing their site this evening, I feel a Target shopping spree coming on again–loving The Shops!  It’s almost a guarantee that I will find something to include in Wednesday’s Extraordinary Ordinary Finds this week!

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