5 Favorite Etsy Finds: The Pouch

I NEVER have enough places to keep all the junk I just HAVE to carry around with me while travelling.  Pouches are great for pretty much everything–they look so cute on the outside (possible <yikes!> on the inside) and you can easiy switch from suitcase to handbag to other handbag (to other handbag again) or just carry it around as is.!|  1.  Purple Suede Clutch $45, Marketa  |  2.  Blue and White Clutch $48, Death and Texas  |  3.  El Corazon $64, Scout & Catalogue  |  4.  Cubist Leather Clutch $75, Ursa Minor Studio  |  5.  Makeup Bag Geo $16, Linea Carter  |

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