Extraordinary Ordinary Objects: The USB Hub

This week’s EOO is for all you multi-taskers out there.  When your computer just doesn’t have enough USB ports to plug in your speakers, iPhone, flash drive, humidifier, mini fridge, rechargeable double AAs, coffee cup warmer, blah, blah, blah…a USB hub could be just the piece of equipment you need!  There are quite a few cute ones out there.  I think I would use any of these, but I really like #4 Green Man (side note: Rachel and I are huge It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans) and the #2 Rainbow Blocks would be a fun addition to my desk as well.

| 1. USB Boat $19, The Future Perfect | 2. Rainbow $15, C Wonder | 3. Flower Hub $18, See Jane Work | 4. Green Man $12, Kikkerland | 5. Chocolate $15, Kikkerland | 6. Peas $32, MoMA Store | 7. Lightening Bolt $12, Urban Outfitters |

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