Up in the Air

Tree houses…

I am completely fascinated by tree houses.  As a kid, I loved the thought of having my own space out in nature where I could read or do my homework or start a “No Boys Allowed” club with the rest of the neighborhood girls.

Rachel actually got to live out this dream because her dad built a tree house in their backyard (we even had electricity and rigged up a TV once!).

George of the Jungle got to live in a HUGE tree house with really cute primates that he could communicate with (not to mention Brendan Frasier was adorable in this).  I love the tree house from Now & Then, it’s like a dollhouse up in a tree.  And who could for get the original tree house dwellers, The Swiss Family Robinson.


Some people actually lived out their childhood fantasies by designing these beauties…


Built for relaxation, Free Spirit Spheres located in British Columbia, Canada are even more unbelievable on the inside (look here) as they are on the outside.  The 2nd picture is known as The Secret Garden Tree House and was built for an unnamed music mogul for a creative retreat.  Horace Cathedral…yes, it is an actual church complete with an indoor basketball court.  Wow.

Now all I have to do is move to a more predictable climate, make a really really lot of money, and figure out how to get my dogs up in a tree.

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