Must Watch: Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

       This documentary by Richard Press is an intimate look into the life of the 83-year-old New York Times fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham.  The most fascinating part of this documentary (for me) was the look into the way he chronicles the lives of real people in New York, regardless of age or social status.

     Cunningham lives his life the way he wants in a tiny apartment cluttered with file cabinets of his work and chooses to ride his Schwinn bike around the city to attend fashion shows (front row, of course) and the most exclusive events.  He is not interested in photographing the famous, but looks for the new and individualistic fashion sense everywhere he goes.  He often does not accept pay for his work, rationalizing that, “If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do.”

     I truly fell in love with this man after seeing this documentary.  He is a true inspiration for anyone who dreams of living a life pursuing their creative endeavors.

{You can watch the documentary on Netflix—I promise you will not be disappointed!}

 Enjoy! -T

 “He who seeks beauty will find it.”  –Bill Cunningham

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