||| local etsy talents | minneapolis |||

I must say, it was very difficult to pick my favorite Minneapolis Etsy shops–there are quite a few fabulous shops that I had to leave out for the sake of keeping this post from being a mile and a half long.  That being said, the ones I did include are just to die for!

Enjoy! -T

||| Oh Dier Living | handmade and customizable wooden pieces—the signs are beautiful with inspirational or quirky sayings.  Also, check out the ring boxes (so pretty!) |||

||| Love Sexton | i am obsessed with the gorgeous metallic collars and brightly colored jewelry in this shop.  Check out her blog here for some DIY and creative inspiration. |||

||| East Ashley Studio | realistic watercolor prints inspired by robin’s vintage finds (her blog here)—absolutely love the vintage cameras! |||

||| letter girl | handwritten stamps—this would be such a great housewarming gift for a new couple.  I need one for inspiration to write more handwritten notes (view her blog here). |||

||| bird & belle | felt and leather cases for all of your electronic devices. simple and chic. |||

||| the illustrated bride | what a brilliant idea!  custom sketches of wedding day details. (blog here) |||

||| Matine | leather pouches with my absolute favorite details: scalloped edges, gold, and polka dots! (website here) |||

||| Regan’s Brain | (finally, an elegant, comfortable mitten for cats!)  I am so happy that someone took this idea and ran with it—this shop is filled with fun and whimsy, a must visit! |||

||| Pickle Dog Designs | a little bit of everything, I am loving those domino magnets! |||

||| Key Candles | how adorable are those birthday candles!? |||

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