||| extraordinary ordinary objects | ping pong paddles |||

Ping pong seems to be a major trend in the fashion/design industries this year–Chanel, Stuart Weitzman, Jonathan Adler and Trina Turk are all on board to name a few.  I guess FUN is ALWAYS in fashion!  Ping pong is such a fun activity and believe me, whipping out one of these beauties at your next get-together will definitely afford you some compliments.  Plus,  a killer paddle is a great way to detract from less than stellar table tennis skills (not that I would ever have that problem).

||| enjoy! -T |||

||| 1. Trina Turk set $54, Alice Supply Co. | 2. The Leopard Paddle $49.99, Table Tennis Nation | 3. Blue Paddle and Cover $72, Jonathan Adler | 4. DVF set $95, Diane Von Furstenberg |  5. Chanel (I included this one just because it’s so super cool, most likely NOT available anywhere online!) | 6. Stuart Weitzman (another collector’s editions that probably is not available online, but still awesome! | 7. Trina Turk set (yet another!) $54, Alice Supply Co. | 8. Starry Night paddle $49.99, Table Tennis Nation |||

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