||| tophatter |||

I’ve come across the cutest eBay/Etsy hybrid: Tophatter.com. Choose an auction category that interests you, and Tophatter will create an adorable avatar for you. Now you’re in the auction! (don’t panic, you can leave and go to a new auction whenever you want.) Now you can bid on an item (in real time)! It takes the waiting out of online auctions.

You can search future auction items and have Tophatter send you an email reminder when the auction is about to begin. I have yet to find a way to search the items, so if you’re looking for something specific, this may not be the place. If you’re an avid crafter, however, this may be your big break!  The sellers can attend the auction as well and answer any questions bidders may have.

||| Happy bidding! R |||

One thought on “||| tophatter |||

  1. I’ve been researching Tophatter before submitting items for auction. Sounds like an awesome concept to feature handmade crafters. I love your term “cutest eBay/Etsy hybrid”.

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