||| memorable movie moments | shoes |||

i love details…when i am watching a movie with my fiancee, i am constantly pointing out insignificant details (to him and most of the rest of the population) and most likely driving him insane. luckily, rachel and i seem to notice the same things and can discuss the seemingly miniscule moments in overzealous detail for a significant amount of time.

i was driving through kansas today (if you have never done this, i recommend it if you need ample time to think) and i started thinking about my favorite movies and then my favorite shoes and then cows (the only thing you see whilst driving through kansas) and then back to movies and *ta-da!* shoes IN movies!  it is amazing what really stands out in the mind when watching a film and these movies, for me, would not be the same without the shoes.

||| enjoy! -t |||
who can forget marty mcfly’s custom fit nike’s in back to the future II? (btw, i will be expecting hover boards and self-adjusting jackets in 2015)

tell me about it, stud.

it wouldn’t be a shoe post without carrie bradshaw.

the secret weapon: shoes guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher, P.F. Flyers

i can’t help but tear up a bit every time george banks brings home the frilly sidekicks for annie in father of the bride.

she’s a wild one (love the safety pin fix, too!)

proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.

there’s no place like home.

the shoes in marie antoinette were handmade by none other than manolo blahnik

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