||| local etsy talents | denver |||

Next week I will be heading out to one of my favorite cities–Denver, CO and so this week’s Etsy talents come from that very city.  Denver is so beautiful; therefore, it is not surprising that it inspires some fantastic artists.  Check out these fabulous shops and pick up something beautiful for yourself!

||| enjoy! -t |||

||| 1. Flytrap on E | this shop has such funny (and a bit risqué!) cards and paper goods.|||

||| 2. Counter Couture Design | hand printed tea towels, t-shirts, and (my personal fave) scrabble pillows! |||

||| 3. My July | I just love these owl gift tags—so many more great designs in this shop. |||

||| 4. Leigh Viner  | absolutely to die for fashion photography and illustration |||

||| 5. JT Baldwin | this shop offers one-of-a-kind repurposed vintage items you have to see to believe—the subwoofer pet house has to be my favorite. |||

||| 6. Urban Bird & Co. | I am always looking for fun gift wrap supplies and this shop has it—the tote bags are adorable as well! |||

||| 7. Monkey Mind Design | beautifully designed handmade calendars and any other paper goods you can imagine |||

||| 8. Sandra Fettingis | wall art and acrylic jewelry—the pieces in this shop are true works of art. |||

||| 9. Lana’s Shop | in honor of her new shop (here) she’s offering 25% off everything in her Etsy shop with the code YIPPEE (until Labor Day)—fabulous illustrations! |||

||| 10. Mud Puppy | I am completely in love with these hanging planters! |||

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