||| memorable movie moments | necklaces |||

hello! tara here with another memorable movie moments–this week’s starring accessory is the necklace.

||| wearing only this. |||

||| who could forget kate hudson in that gorgeous yellow dress with the matching diamonds in how to lose a guy in 10 days (ladies, frost yourselves!) |||

||| pretty woman |||

||| i know, i know, this is not from a movie per say, but the post would not be complete without the nameplate |||

||| i was obsessed with this heart toggle necklace when i saw legally blonde back in the day (my jr. high version was NOT from tiffany’s though) |||

||| i am not sure why this necklace stands out in my mind, but i absolutely loved this movie when it came out |||

||| wouldn’t be a jewelry post without liz taylor just as it wouldn’t be a shoe post without carrie bradshaw |||

||| columbiana is one of my favorite movies from the past year…highly recommend if you like action films |||

||| the little princess–i remember buying this movie (in vhs, no less!) and it came with the locket inside |||

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