||| going away party: supplies |||

i threw a little get-together, or “going away party”, if you will, the weekend before my trip to Italy began.

i came up with a teal/light pink color scheme and went from there.  here are my online party finds!  i purchased all of my supplies online (which ended up being cheaper than browsing countless stores!).  The Bakers Confections had the perfect colors I needed, Modern Lola (a children’s store) has an adorable party section & for all the basics a chain like Party City is ideal.

Going Away Party {supplies} ||| Planned Spontaneity |||With a little arranging on the new buffet table, a tissue flower (cut circles of nesting sizes, secured in the center and crunched) & crepe paper (folded many times lengthwise and with short snips on either side and crunched for dimension), it’s time to party!

(party recipes to follow)

||| happy planning! – R|||

5 thoughts on “||| going away party: supplies |||

  1. Rachel – you forgot to mention all of your helper elves that made sure your food was done to perfection. Ok…so I’ll do it for you…Rachel says thanks to ‘Kathy, Sally, Tonya, Ruth Ann, Darlene, Sonya’.

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