||| store style | anthropologie |||

i could literally spend hours in anthropologie.  it is without a doubt my favorite mall store–there is one about 10 minutes from my house and sometimes i just get the sudden urge to go and look around (and i act on it).  their sales are always fabulous and it is my go-to for gifts for the home and unique clothing pieces for work (i work in a business-creative environment).

rachel and i created looks from anthropologie using this gorgeous statement necklace as inspiration. i went through a phase where i did not wear necklaces for about 3 years…what a waste!  i am definitely on-board for the statement necklace trend–the bigger the better–and this one is pink and gold.  need i say more?

in other super exciting anthro news–they now have petites!  yay…less trips to the tailor for me!  i first saw that this was being introduced on one of my favorite blogs (daily must-read), Oh Joy!  check out her collaboration here.

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