||| pancake pantry | nashville |||

you’re sure to want an encore of this delicious breakfast in music city.  it really sets the tempo for other breakfast joints to keep up with.  pancake pantry offers a medley of pancakes (as you may have expected).  okay, i’m done. but seriously:

the lines can get extremely long, so arrive early and avoid the crowd (see below).  i ordered the sugar & spice pancakes, and they were the best pancakes i’ve had in my entire life.  it was one of those food moments that makes you want to cry because what you’re eating is so unbelievably good.  i didn’t have my camera with me at the time, so i snagged this shot of the line from their website.

*note: we tasted each others’ pancakes, and it seemed that everyone liked what they ordered best, so trust your instinct and don’t listen to what others tell you to get!* – R

One thought on “||| pancake pantry | nashville |||

  1. If I hadn’t already had breakfast it would have been pancakes. Sounds soooo good! I will get one tomorrow at the Moose and or course be dissappointed because it won’t be what you are talking about. Love, Grandma

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