||| it’s my new thing |||

i always have a “new thing”.  my new thing is something i am currently obsessed with that is defining my life at the moment.  i am the type of person that just wears everything out.  i listen to my favorite song over and over (and over) until it is no longer my favorite song and i want to listen to my next favorite song over and over (and over). some obsessions last years, others fade after a few days

same with foods, tv shows, items of clothing (i tend to get hooked on certain patterns or colors), etc…these are my september things:||| red bull total zero | pete holmes stand-up (on pandora) | watermelon tootsie pops | checking out very large stacks of books at the library | essie nail polish at walgreens | nike training club–you can unlock new levels when you reach certain time goals, it’s pretty intense, but i just love unlocking those new levels!  |||

One thought on “||| it’s my new thing |||

  1. I believe you. When you were pre-school and came over you wanted to watch the same video over and over.. I am a little like that so maybe it is in the genes. Now I am and have been for several mon ths hooked on chocolate Carnation instant breakfast but I use milk ( which I need) Sweet and Low and 7 ice cubes and blend it for a milk shake. I need 2 a day to survive. At least they are good for me. Love, Grandma

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