||| local etsy talents | portland |||

i have an admission:  i have never been to portland.  obviously, i am completely missing out.

the reason i chose this amazingly creative city this week is because when looking through my personal etsy favorites, i noticed that an inordinate amount of the shops originate in portland. i know you will love these shops as much as i do!

1. vitrified studio | i absolutely love these corked jars.

2.  kate bingaman burt | the artist behind obsessive consumption–a daily record of purchases.  genius! (blog here)

3. seaworthy |  the handstamped, brass pieces found in this shop are to die for.

4. quarter twenty | how awesome are these bottle openers?  so much more to love in the shop.

5. mary kate mcdevitt | i love the handlettered stationary in this shop.

6. potter and butler | adorable cake toppers.  rachel makes cakes and she needs to incorporate these beauties.

7. jackie peppermint | fabulous illustrations.  the custom family illustration looks amazing.

8. iswas + willbe | beautiful jewelry…this collar is absolutely perfect.

9. love to party | party supplies…look how cute those little pinwheels are!

10. berkley illustration | only the most distinguished of animals are included in these portraits.

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