||| farewell, for a while |||

alright, I don’t want you to take this personally, but I must go.  go eat gelato and butcher basic italian phrases.  go travel.  go…well, just go!  (i don’t want you to think for a second that this is your fault.  it isn’t.  it’s not you, it’s me, really!)  i know we’ve been through a lot together, but tara will still be here to keep you up-to-date on trends and cool stuff.

i hope to return in november, mid-december at the latest.  you can follow my travels visually on my flickr.

i’m heading to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany this weekend.  can’t imagine a better way to ring in the 21st birthday than that!  this month, i’ll also be heading to ireland & france for fall break.  look forward to posts about my favorite moments/restaurant/sights when i return!

||| ciao for now!  Rachel |||

3 thoughts on “||| farewell, for a while |||

  1. Will miss your planned spontanrity. Back from the trip to see Hannah play golf and it was a great trip. Think Tonya will go to the last one with us. Glad you are ehlping Tonya with her resume. Love, Grandma

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