||| a little more personal | tara: on feeling nostalgic |||

so, last night was my 5 year high school reunion…oddly enough, i was feeling kind of nostalgic as i was driving to my hometown.   this was odd because i am not one of those people who thinks high school is “the best years of my life”, it was fine and all, but i am more of a big picture thinker and high school tends to get bogged down by little picture things that i never could get…i go by my dad’s philosophy:  every year is the best year of my life.  i kid you not, every single year on new year’s eve, my dad says, “this was the best year of my life,” and the best part about that?  he is completely serious—what an awesome way to look at life!

i started thinking about all that has happened in the past 5 years since high school—

there were the good things:

  • 2 internships
  • graduating college
  • buying a house
  • getting my first real job
  • getting engaged to the love of my life
  • getting my first promotion
  • my brother getting married and he and his wife having a little boy (my first nephew!)
  • rescuing my dog (elton)

there were the bad things (that weren’t so bad after all):

  • not getting the job i interviewed for right after school (something even more perfect for me came along and i couldn’t be happier with my career.)
  • working retail (though i dreaded going to work, i worked for a very high end retailer and ended up with quite the wardrobe :))
  • travis (my fiancée) getting in a car accident and being in the hospital for a month (he has fully recovered and has no long-term effects—except for not having that spleen, which he said is a wimpy organ anyways)

and there were the sad things:

  • losing my grandpa (who we miss every day)
  • losing the dog my family grew up with, lucy (sweet lucy lived a great life of 13 years—that’s a beautiful life for a pug!)

i will admit, i am a bit dramatic (a bit!? ha!), and when something doesn’t go my way, i jump immediately to worst case scenario and think it’s the end of the world.  believe me, when i didn’t get my supposed dream job right out of school, when i literally dreaded going to work in the morning, and when travis was in his accident—i wasn’t calmly thinking, it will all work out for the best (la-dee-da).  just remember, someday (sooner than you probably think!) , you will.  so, take time to get the panic out of your system (yell, scream, hit things, have a pretend telling off session in your car (see jerk store), actually tell someone off (see the truth), buy new shoes, whatever) and then plan your next move.

it’s amazing to look back and think about each of these important times in my life and i am very blessed to have the good things outweigh the bad.

of course, there are those situations when you do not have the control (losing someone you love) and it’s easy to forget the good things.  just remember to take the time to savor the good times and make the most of the memories you make with the people you love.

||| cheers to the next 5 years! -t|||

One thought on “||| a little more personal | tara: on feeling nostalgic |||

  1. Loved it! You do have it together. You think like your grandma and I have been happy inspite of lifes ups and downs. So proud of you. Grandma

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