||| christmas edition etsy finds | decorate |||

this week’s etsy christmas edition is all about the decor.  there are so many amazing holiday ideas and decorations on etsy.

i hope you are all enjoying the season so far–don’t forget to do something special for yourself during this season of giving!  having a few pretty things around the house is my favorite way to treat myself.

||| enjoy!  -t |||


||| 1. baby it’s cold outside print $29, lily and val | 2. garland $15 per roll, yellow bird+leather beard | 3.  tree skirt (sold out, similar here) | 4. glitter reindeer $45 for set of 3, wish daisy | 5. cardboard christmas tree $132, cardboard christmas | 6. clay ornaments (sold out, but check out the shop here!) | 7. modern ornaments $9 for set of 2, love for the world | 8. geometric ornaments $49 for 8, AMradio | 9. santa dolls $22 each, jane foster  | 10. christmas pug $200, designs by hayley | 11. stiletto stocking $25, creationz by catherine |||

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