||| the bride | the shoe conundrum |||

the first few weeks of the 2013 have been nothing but work and wedding planning. everything is pretty much  ready to go–venue, photographer, florist, dj, guest list, minister, THE dress, etc.

it’s all fun, but there are times i think, “why didn’t we just elope!?” there are so many small details that are so time-consuming.  of course, things could be easier if it weren’t my prerogative to control every aspect of the decor–down to the painstaking design of the stationary.  but i have to do it my own way or i will lose my mind.
my fiancée and i have been together for over 9 years now (since i was 15!) so the actual vows are the easy part.
i am, however, struggling with one HUGE commitment: THE SHOES.  i have the bridesmaid and flower girl shoes picked out, but i just can’t seem to commit MY shoes.  here is the color palette:
here’s where i am so far…a huge question mark. i always say i am keeping an open mind, but in actuality, i just know it when i see it.
the conundrum?  i haven’t seen it.
i will let you know when the conundrum is solved–i’m always open for suggestions!

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