||| thou shall not want | curly/straight hair fight |||

we’ve all been there. if you have pin straight hair like tara and i, you want curly hair. if you have pin-let curls and can pull off a perfect updo, you want straight hair. i’ve always had a problem finding the right shampoo: until now.

recently, i found a new salon in chicago, penny lane. adorable studio, almost always a puppy to pet while waiting. the owners are costume designers, wig designers, make-up artists & basically all-around awesome. stylist & owner christine taught me about sulfate-free shampoos/changed my hair forever. unfortunately, i’m not as technical as she was, but essentially: the sulfates clean your hair, yet add a coat of junk on the outside & make your scalp dry, causing it to produce more oil… it all makes sense!

sulfate-free shampoos get rid of everything. so much so that i found out i have naturally wavy hair underneath all the products! such an amazing revelation.

||| hope we helped your ‘do! -rachel |||

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