||| the stairs of italy |||


as i was reminiscing through photos from italy, i noticed an obvious theme: i (apparently) enjoy photographing stairs. it seems logical, they’re ideal subjects; almost perfect, they rarely move. i rounded up my favorites below (yes, these are the elite stair pictures, there are others). the descriptions are below the collection.

i was going to include a tacky “take the stairs to success” metaphor, but i’ll just leave you with interesting stair pictures.


||| inside the wall, lucca ||| into the vineyard, montepulciano ||| santa maria novella, florence ||| above our patio, florence ||| to the library, san lorenzo ||| pitti palace, florence ||| winding stairs, the vatican ||| ancient ruin stairs, rome ||| my favorite, the stairs to nowhere, pienza ||| down to a wine cellar, montepulciano ||| across a bridge, venice ||| winding down, san gimignano ||| the land of stairs, cinque terre ||| the most terrifying stairs, duomo of florence

||| Rachel |||


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