||| things that make me nervous |||

inspiration comes from all aspects of life, including those which make you feel like a horse in a dog show. here’s the essence of that inspiration in list form:

things that make me nervous:

– sweaters with sleeves that are too tight

– people my own age who act my age

– yelling at the bus driver to open the back door

– people eating seafood

– explaining that I am not actually a vegetarian, just an extremely picky eater

– public affection

– when girls are angry

– the movie Spring Breakers

– doing simple math while people are watching

– music festivals

the list has led me to face my fears. i applied to be a lead volunteer at Lollapalooza 2013. yikes. *disclaimer* according to my parents, i’ve essentially been a 30 year old since i was 4.

2 thoughts on “||| things that make me nervous |||

  1. Was good, I could add a few of my own because lots of things make me nervous.i think we all have a set of things that make us nervous. Got me thinking. Love, grandma

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