||| my new things |||

It sure has been a crazy couple of weeks!  I got married, bought a new house, sent my husband off to a new job, and kept up my busy travel schedule for work.  Next on the list:  sell my previous home!

In order to stay sane throughout this process, I have been making sure to take the time to enjoy the things I love.  Reading is a favorite pastime and I can’t get enough of it in the summer months.  Sylvia Plath is a current staple.

I used my AMEX credit points to order this fabulous Kate Spade + Steamline luggage (I previously had the carry-on version and just HAD to have the stowaway size!).

I like to keep my beauty routine as light as possible during these 90+ degree days and I am absolutely loving the Bobbi Brown beach fragrance and Dior nail glow–light, airy, and perfect for summer!

Lastly, the Yonanas maker is a MUST.  Just freeze a couple bananas, send them through the machine, and you have delicious soft-serve.  I personally like to add in some PB2 or chocolate protein powder for an extra boost!


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