||| while you’re in between |||

this post is a response to a post by rachel from last week (here).  acting as mentor/older/wiser cousin, i am responding to the post to help her and anyone who found themselves relating to it.  i suppose the reason why i have these answers is due to the fact that i have been on the earth for three years more than young rachel or possibly because i have thought of myself as an adult since the age of 6 when i told my mom i was pretty sure i could just take care of myself from then on.

-R: I can’t put a clasp bracelet on by myself

  • step 1:  grab bracelet by the claspy thing
  • step 2: lay the bracelet on top of your wrist
  • step 3:  firmly press the bracelet into your body
  • step 4: clasp.

-R: I forget simple things like to button the back of my shirt

  • hey idiot…don’t buy shirts that button in the back.

-R: I can only master my hair, makeup or outfit on any given day

  • planning helps with this, but for the most part, the fact that you are in this family means you are screwed.  pare the make-up down to the essentials and keep it classic.  make a decision on your outfit and go with it.  i cannot help you with hair except to find the right shampoo/conditioner combo and hope your hair will do the rest of the work.

-R: I’ve never spent more than five minutes paying bills

  • easy.  open a whole bunch of credit cards. (ok, that was a joke…but it would solve this problem)
  • i must say i have owned my own home for more than 3 years and i don’t spend time paying bills.  auto-pay is a must in the adult world.

-R: I haven’t been to a class reunion

  • i would advise against them anyway–especially the 5 year.  believe me, it will not make you feel anymore like an adult.

-R: I still consider three Oreos a proper meal

  • add in some skim milk to bring protein/vitamin D into the mix. boom, meal.

-R: I don’t pack appropriately when going home and assume my mom will figure it out for me

  • the problem is that your mom will figure it out for you.  spend a week at my parent’s house and then try coming home without a bra.

now you no longer have to be an awkward teenage-adult.  you’re welcome.

disclaimer: no one turns into an adult overnight.  the fun part about being an adult is figuring all this stuff out.  i typically just pretend i know how to do everything and assume i will somehow make a breakthrough along the way.

||| tara |||

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