||| ya gotta see the baby! |||

alright, babies are cute. especially when they’re royalty. but at some point, can’t we all agree that babies are not much fun until they’re a little older? why is it a social norm to visit new mothers in the hospital? i feel like i wouldn’t want anyone near me after spending hours – or days- in labor. i digress… in case you hadn’t heard, the royal prince of cambridge was born today:

Royal Baby, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

okay, they’re pretty adorable! i am far more impressed by kate looking better after giving birth than i did on my way to work today, but regardless, super cute family (and that dress is so sweet!). while going through my typical train ride home routine (bloglovin’, facebook, the usual), i couldn’t seem to stay away from the royal baby-loving.

we’re all like seinfeld today. “ya gotta see the baby!”

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