||| travel tip thursday | la |||


finally, a travel tip stateside! this tip is for those of you heading to la. we had read lovely reviews about church & state, a french bistro in central la, on yelp and had to try it for ourselves. below, you’ll see the bar area, pear & brie flatbread, le cachat, tarte aux champignons & escargots de bourgogne en croûte.

my apologies for the dark pictures, this was the first week with my new camera & we ate outdoors (highly recommended, weather permitting).

||| etsy city faves | san diego |||

EtsyCityFriSanDiego||| 1. simply pretty prints | 2. wide eyes design  | 3. arboriform | 4. mod docks | 5. salt farm |||

||| cali days | coit tower |||

though jamie and i tried our best to avoid any tourist-trap locales, we couldn’t resist the historic coit tower.  the view from the tower was stunning, but the line was quite long and there is a small fee to enter.  we enjoyed the walk up telegraph hill more than the tower itself.  so, if you don’t have enough time to go into coit tower, i suggest at least taking the stairs up the hill.  walking up over 300 stairs may sound exhausting, but the views of the bay and the beautiful gardens along the way are worth it.

my best directions: head to sansome & greenwich, then head west. you’ll see the stairs, I promise.

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||| cali days | architecture |||

Back to the California posts!  Below is a collection of some of my favorite architecture-like photos from the trip.

||| Enjoy! R |||

||| cali days | dinner in oakland |||

We wanted to get a full feel of SF during our visit, so we crossed the bay for dinner in Jack London Square (Oakland, CA). I highly recommend taking the ferry ride for breathtaking views of the city (and I got to wear my new salmon Madewell jeans and my Old Navy espadrilles for an extra boat-ready feel).Image

We ate at Chop Bar, a stylish/industrial local restaurant.  Fun drinks and great food.  Our meals (yummm):

| | | Cali Days | | |

I’m back!  I’ve been enjoying California to the fullest!  Between the beauty of the Golden State and my obsession with my new camera, I took a shocking 1,300 pictures last week!  Look out for other California posts that capture all the high points of my trip.  (And ideas for those of you who will be visiting the West Coast in the future!)

I started taking pictures of signs, first with Miette Patisserie because it was so adorable.  From there, they kept catching my eye!  Here is a compilation of my favorites.  California is beyond inspiring and has great design.  Most of these were taken in San Francisco, though Victor the Florist resides in Santa Barbara and Jack London Inn and dot real estate are located in Oakland (near SF).