||| while you’re in between |||

this post is a response to a post by rachel from last week (here).  acting as mentor/older/wiser cousin, i am responding to the post to help her and anyone who found themselves relating to it.  i suppose the reason why i have these answers is due to the fact that i have been on the earth for three years more than young rachel or possibly because i have thought of myself as an adult since the age of 6 when i told my mom i was pretty sure i could just take care of myself from then on.

-R: I can’t put a clasp bracelet on by myself

  • step 1:  grab bracelet by the claspy thing
  • step 2: lay the bracelet on top of your wrist
  • step 3:  firmly press the bracelet into your body
  • step 4: clasp.

-R: I forget simple things like to button the back of my shirt

  • hey idiot…don’t buy shirts that button in the back.

-R: I can only master my hair, makeup or outfit on any given day

  • planning helps with this, but for the most part, the fact that you are in this family means you are screwed.  pare the make-up down to the essentials and keep it classic.  make a decision on your outfit and go with it.  i cannot help you with hair except to find the right shampoo/conditioner combo and hope your hair will do the rest of the work.

-R: I’ve never spent more than five minutes paying bills

  • easy.  open a whole bunch of credit cards. (ok, that was a joke…but it would solve this problem)
  • i must say i have owned my own home for more than 3 years and i don’t spend time paying bills.  auto-pay is a must in the adult world.

-R: I haven’t been to a class reunion

  • i would advise against them anyway–especially the 5 year.  believe me, it will not make you feel anymore like an adult.

-R: I still consider three Oreos a proper meal

  • add in some skim milk to bring protein/vitamin D into the mix. boom, meal.

-R: I don’t pack appropriately when going home and assume my mom will figure it out for me

  • the problem is that your mom will figure it out for you.  spend a week at my parent’s house and then try coming home without a bra.

now you no longer have to be an awkward teenage-adult.  you’re welcome.

disclaimer: no one turns into an adult overnight.  the fun part about being an adult is figuring all this stuff out.  i typically just pretend i know how to do everything and assume i will somehow make a breakthrough along the way.

||| tara |||

||| not britney spears | not yet a woman |||

to clarify: this post is not to compare myself to britney spears, although that gives me an excellent idea for another post. i recently referred to myself as a teenager, which i’m not. then it hit me – why don’t i consider myself a ‘woman’? Below are the reasons I’ve come up with so far:

–  I can’t put a clasp bracelet on by myself

– I forget simple things like to button the back of my shirt

– I can only master my hair, makeup or outfit on any given day

– I’ve never spent more than five minutes paying bills

– I never dress appropriately for the weather – ever

– I haven’t been to a class reunion

– I still consider three Oreos a proper meal

– I don’t pack appropriately when going home and assume my mom will figure it out for me

if this hits home, know that you are not alone in being an awkward teenage-adult.

||| rachel |||

||| it’s our 1 year blogiversary! |||

we are so thankful for the amount of followers we have attracted in our first year! planned spontaneity was created by two cousins (here!) so we could collaborate and share creative thoughts despite the miles between us (or oceans last fall!). we’ve had so much fun and can’t wait to get back into blogging full-time after all this silly (beautiful) wedding stuff is over (pics of the future mrs. to come!)

thank you for supporting two crazy cousins, we are loving this!!

(just for fun, here’s our first logo draft:)


||| have a fabulous week – R |||

||| extraordinary ordinary objects | the coasters |||



||| 1. flower coasters | 2. agate coasters | 3. rifle paper co. | 4. teak coasters | 5. tilissimo |||

||| the bride | the shoe conundrum |||

the first few weeks of the 2013 have been nothing but work and wedding planning. everything is pretty much  ready to go–venue, photographer, florist, dj, guest list, minister, THE dress, etc.

it’s all fun, but there are times i think, “why didn’t we just elope!?” there are so many small details that are so time-consuming.  of course, things could be easier if it weren’t my prerogative to control every aspect of the decor–down to the painstaking design of the stationary.  but i have to do it my own way or i will lose my mind.
my fiancée and i have been together for over 9 years now (since i was 15!) so the actual vows are the easy part.
i am, however, struggling with one HUGE commitment: THE SHOES.  i have the bridesmaid and flower girl shoes picked out, but i just can’t seem to commit MY shoes.  here is the color palette:
here’s where i am so far…a huge question mark. i always say i am keeping an open mind, but in actuality, i just know it when i see it.
the conundrum?  i haven’t seen it.
i will let you know when the conundrum is solved–i’m always open for suggestions!

||| reminiscent melodies |||

i adore this song by City and Colour (suggested by our music correspondent, jamie).

the changes in tone throughout the song tell a story. it reminds me of my time in europe. okay, that’s a bit vague; i provided pictures:

thegirl||| enjoy your weekend! – R |||

||| extraordinary ordinary objects | the bottle opener |||



||| 1. didriks, $19 (comes in every color imaginable!) | 2. jonathan adler, $98 | 3. wooden, $14 | 4. key opener, $15 | 5. brass $50 |||

||| covetable collabs | s/s 2013 |||


||| 1. chris benz x cambridge satchel co. | 2. eley kishimoto x clarks | 3. peter som x earnest sewn |||

||| extraordinary ordinary objects | the cheese knives |||


||| 1. bold color set $22.58, oliver bonas | 2. simple text set $44, nordstrom | 3. gingham set, $44, nordstrom | 4. gold set $198, anthropologie | 5. smiley face set $22.99, amazon |||

||| christmas edition etsy finds | decorate |||

this week’s etsy christmas edition is all about the decor.  there are so many amazing holiday ideas and decorations on etsy.

i hope you are all enjoying the season so far–don’t forget to do something special for yourself during this season of giving!  having a few pretty things around the house is my favorite way to treat myself.

||| enjoy!  -t |||


||| 1. baby it’s cold outside print $29, lily and val | 2. garland $15 per roll, yellow bird+leather beard | 3.  tree skirt (sold out, similar here) | 4. glitter reindeer $45 for set of 3, wish daisy | 5. cardboard christmas tree $132, cardboard christmas | 6. clay ornaments (sold out, but check out the shop here!) | 7. modern ornaments $9 for set of 2, love for the world | 8. geometric ornaments $49 for 8, AMradio | 9. santa dolls $22 each, jane foster  | 10. christmas pug $200, designs by hayley | 11. stiletto stocking $25, creationz by catherine |||