||| store style | anthropologie |||

i could literally spend hours in anthropologie.  it is without a doubt my favorite mall store–there is one about 10 minutes from my house and sometimes i just get the sudden urge to go and look around (and i act on it).  their sales are always fabulous and it is my go-to for gifts for the home and unique clothing pieces for work (i work in a business-creative environment).

rachel and i created looks from anthropologie using this gorgeous statement necklace as inspiration. i went through a phase where i did not wear necklaces for about 3 years…what a waste!  i am definitely on-board for the statement necklace trend–the bigger the better–and this one is pink and gold.  need i say more?

in other super exciting anthro news–they now have petites!  yay…less trips to the tailor for me!  i first saw that this was being introduced on one of my favorite blogs (daily must-read), Oh Joy!  check out her collaboration here.

||| store style | french connection |||

we love toned-down florals for fall. french connection has a lovely floral collection for fall, so naturally we started there.

this top was a bit of a challenge for me… I tend to stick to the basics (flower print chiffon button-downs are not in that category). so i chose a feminine skirt in an equally dominant, glam bronze to balance the top.


tara style note: i would toughen this chiffon top up by leaving it untucked and  pairing it with high-waist black jeans and a chunky sweater.  i would wear this with these adorable booties as well.  (rachel does not have shoes, but i can assure you she will be wearing a pair of simple ballet flats or a chic gray pump in true rachel fashion.)

||| store style | j crew |

there are endless shops here in italy.  these shops, however, do not have endless websites.  they are quite limited, in fact.  so, for this week’s store style, we headed back to a classic: J. Crew.

i always knew online shopping could cure a multitude of ills, but i never thought it would cure a small case of homesickness (it did just that)!

at first i was hesitant to pair cords & sequins, and now i am in love with the thought… and those earrings.

use our outfits as your ispirazione for your fall wardrobe!

||| ciao!  -R |||

||| tara note:  i would cuff these cords and wear them with these to die for t-straps! |||

||| store style | topshop |||

Hello! Rachel and I wanted to give TopShop another chance this week and so we chose outfits for a day of shopping–we might be subconsciously sending each other signals that we need to actually go for a day of shopping before she leaves for Italy (so close!).  Rachel is completely obsessed with these little black shorts and I couldn’t resist the Isabel Marant-esque sneaker wedges and high waist jeans.  Hope your week is off to a great start!

{all items available at topshop.com}

||| store style | madewell |||

I stumbled upon Madewell while in San Francisco.  Immediately, I knew this would be our next Store Style.  I’m a huge fan of basics, and Madewell has them all.  Plus, it’s a branch of J Crew, so it was destined for greatness.  This week, Tara and I planned our outfits around this gorgeous silk cami dress with a defined waist.

ImageHave a lovely week!


Store Style: ASOS

ASOS may quite possibly have the most stylish/budget friendly swimsuits online.  Our Store Style this week is based around a Mara Hoffman mosaic swimsuit!  This works, considering that going outside in anything but a swimsuit is pretty much miserable here in this Midwestern humidity.

We hope you all get the chance to spend the 4th of July in cute swimwear with the people you care about most!

Store Style: TopShop

Good afternoon!  This week, we picked a store we could really go crazy in–TopShop.  There are so many amazing pieces that can be mixed and matched. AND the shoes…I mean, do I really have to elaborate?   Happy Monday! -T

Store Style: American Apparel

American Apparel–made in America, home of spandex leotards, jersey and cotton.  Rachel picked out this super adorable printed tank for us to plan an outfit around this week.  We are both huge fans of the black and white print because of it’s versatility. I hope your week is off to a great start!  -T

Store Style: Target

Happy Monday! Today we each picked looks from Target–I did not look at Rachel’s images until after I picked mine and it looks like we were thinking along the same lines (this tends to happen quite often).  The Webster Collection at Target is fabulous–so summery and fun!

I (Tara) have a HUGE Target problem…I cannot go in that store without buying at least one completely ridiculous item. Every time I go, any carefully crafted lists of things I need flies out the window and I end up with a cart full of printed Duct tape, sparkly notebooks, stickers, chew toys for my dogs, individually packaged cupcakes, etc. I buy these things as opposed to say…the batteries and gallon of milk I had intended on purchasing.  After surfing their site this evening, I feel a Target shopping spree coming on again–loving The Shops!  It’s almost a guarantee that I will find something to include in Wednesday’s Extraordinary Ordinary Finds this week!

Store Style <>: Lunch at the Marina

Our first style post! 

Fashion is a major aspect of both of our lives and it just wouldn’t feel right not to share with you.  Each week we will be choosing a store and picking an outfit for an upcoming occasion–in this case, lunch at the marina! Rachel and I have have very different styles, but similar tastes, so it will be interesting for us (and you!) to compare what we pick. 

When deciding what store to do first, we decided to start with the basics and few come close to the affordable (and adorable!) basics at Gap.

:::::All featured items can be purchased at www.gap.com:::::