||| my new things |||

||| my new things |||

It sure has been a crazy couple of weeks!  I got married, bought a new house, sent my husband off to a new job, and kept up my busy travel schedule for work.  Next on the list:  sell my previous … Continue reading

||| memorable movie moments | wedding dresses |||

The wedding is pretty much the only thing I can think of at the time.  I am getting so excited and actually feeling very calm about the whole affair thanks to the helping hands of my superwoman mom and amazing maid of honor, Rachel (not to mention I am marrying the best guy who ever existed in the entire world–you should see him, he is totally cute).

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for quite awhile now–the nature of my job usually allows for only one hobby at a time and for the past 4 months, the wedding has been my hobby.  Can’t wait to share the details :)!

Rachel and I are having a wedding movie marathon next Friday while finishing up a last minute project (folding napkins into bows!) and while I was researching what we should watch, I just had to share these memorable wedding dress moments from the silver screen.

Memorable Movie Moments - Wedding Dresses

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||| covetable collabs |||


||| 1. duro olowu x jcpenney (available in March) | 2. ag jeans x liberty (available in March) | 3. kate spade x the lake and stars |||

||| valentine’s day collection | hearts |||


||| 1. shoe clips, ban.do | 2. heart stud collars, angel pet supplies | 3. kitchen tools & straws, fred flare & terrain | 4. shower cap, nina campbell | 5. marquee heart, saddle shoe signs | 6. valentine diy, design love fest |||

||| read it | to & from |||

i may be waaaay behind on this, but how amazing is to & from magazine??  it is a (free) online magazine of gift items for anyone you could ever possibly need a gift for composed by some of the best bloggers out there.




the creative geniuses behind modern eve and meg biram executed their fabulous gift-guide with the help of some of the best and brightest bloggers of today.  every page is the online shopper’s delight–what a beautiful curation!

||| enjoy! -t |||


||| the bride | the shoe conundrum |||

the first few weeks of the 2013 have been nothing but work and wedding planning. everything is pretty much  ready to go–venue, photographer, florist, dj, guest list, minister, THE dress, etc.

it’s all fun, but there are times i think, “why didn’t we just elope!?” there are so many small details that are so time-consuming.  of course, things could be easier if it weren’t my prerogative to control every aspect of the decor–down to the painstaking design of the stationary.  but i have to do it my own way or i will lose my mind.
my fiancée and i have been together for over 9 years now (since i was 15!) so the actual vows are the easy part.
i am, however, struggling with one HUGE commitment: THE SHOES.  i have the bridesmaid and flower girl shoes picked out, but i just can’t seem to commit MY shoes.  here is the color palette:
here’s where i am so far…a huge question mark. i always say i am keeping an open mind, but in actuality, i just know it when i see it.
the conundrum?  i haven’t seen it.
i will let you know when the conundrum is solved–i’m always open for suggestions!

||| etsy city faves | boston |||


||| 1. earmark | 2. lee + latimer | 3. bark decor | 4. little pancakes | 5. irismint |||

||| wednesday wishlist | books for gifting |||

books are probably my favorite gifts to give and receive–you must check these out!

||| mr. boddington’s studio has added some flair to these penguin classics. |||

||| sticker fashion | i have an unhealthy obsession with stickers and fashion.  so obviously, this is a must.  also take a look at the author’s blog here–it’s one of my faves |||

||| 100 ways to chic your life | jonathan adler is my idol |||

||| decorate workshop | another one of my favorite bloggers, holly becker of decor8, has released her book…can’t wait to check it out!|||

||| grace: a memoir |  i am actually reading this one at the moment and it is fantastic–the perfect gift for the fashion-lover in your life. |||

||| in the spirit of palm beach | lately, i have been into everything palm beach and would love to look through this book every time i feel like getting away. |||

||| covetable collabs |||

lisa congdon for hygge & west | I would wallpaper every single wall in my house if I had the funds/time/energy/guarantee that I will be in this house forever to do so.  I have been obsessed with lisa congdon’s etsy shop for a long time now and when I saw her wallpaper collection, I could hardly breathe.  amaaaazing.

karl lagerfeld for shu uemura | very mod, very cool, and very karl.

rob pruitt for jimmy choo | I fell in love with unconventional beauty of contemporary art while interning at a museum during college and still like to keep up with my favorite artists.  better yet, his work now comes in the form of shoes—what could possibly be better than that combo?

maison martin margiela for h&m | the french label is bringing couture to the masses by teaming with h&m for a special edition collection.  it hits select store november 15—lines are sure to be long!  check out the full collection here.

||| inspired by | mickey mouse |||

mickey mouse has long been a staple in the world of fashion. i was inspired by the top picture of margaret trudeau (wife of canada’s 15th prime minister) that i found in life magazine from 1969.


i pulled all of these pictures from pinterest and it is evident that the simplicity and downright cuteness of this little guy is an inspiration to costume designers (patricia field for sex and the city) to street style icons (chiara ferragni of the blonde salad) to high fashion designers (jeremy scott) alike.

||| hope you are enjoying your weekend! -t |||