||| my new things |||

||| my new things |||

It sure has been a crazy couple of weeks!  I got married, bought a new house, sent my husband off to a new job, and kept up my busy travel schedule for work.  Next on the list:  sell my previous … Continue reading

||| extraordinary ordinary objects | the umbrella stand |||



||| 1. boots $79.95, z gallerie | 2. london undercover | 3. umbrella $59.95, pier 1 | 4. porcelain $88, overstock |||

||| extraordinary ordinary objects | the dish rack |||


||| 1. white wire dish rack at world market $19.99 | 2. dish doctor at hive modern $96 | 3. tempo dish rack at unica home $122 | 4. green basin at umbra $30 | 5. bunny dish rack at culture label $42.77 |||

||| valentine’s day collection | hearts |||


||| 1. shoe clips, ban.do | 2. heart stud collars, angel pet supplies | 3. kitchen tools & straws, fred flare & terrain | 4. shower cap, nina campbell | 5. marquee heart, saddle shoe signs | 6. valentine diy, design love fest |||

||| extraordinary ordinary objects | the clipboard |||

EOOWedClipboard||| 1. wooden encouragements $34, decoy lab | 2. acrylic clipboard $22, russell+hazel | 3. orange $7, poppin | 4. neapolitan stripe $24, pencil shavings studio | 5. monogram bows $32.50, brittany lauren design |||

||| read it | to & from |||

i may be waaaay behind on this, but how amazing is to & from magazine??  it is a (free) online magazine of gift items for anyone you could ever possibly need a gift for composed by some of the best bloggers out there.




the creative geniuses behind modern eve and meg biram executed their fabulous gift-guide with the help of some of the best and brightest bloggers of today.  every page is the online shopper’s delight–what a beautiful curation!

||| enjoy! -t |||


||| extraordinary ordinary objects | the bottle opener |||



||| 1. didriks, $19 (comes in every color imaginable!) | 2. jonathan adler, $98 | 3. wooden, $14 | 4. key opener, $15 | 5. brass $50 |||

||| diy | the ottoman |||

ottomanour aunt (the ultimate diy-er) recently sent me a picture of a table she bought at a thrift store for $5. once she mentioned she may turn it into an ottoman, i highly encouraged the idea so i could share the steps with you! her instructions follow:

1}  find a table! the main thing you are looking for is sturdy construction and attractive legs.

2}  remove the legs (this is not necessary if you are happy with the height of the piece. i planned to add 4 inches of foam on the top so the total height was more than i wanted.)

3} if needed, cut the legs off to the height you want. stain or paint the legs, as your project requires.

4} draw on the top of the table where you want to place your tufted buttons. drill two holes about 1/4 inch apart at each location.

5} trace the outline of your table top onto the foam. i used 2 pieces of 2inch thick foam instead of one piece of 4inch thick foam. it is about 1/2 the cost and makes no difference in the project. Hobby Lobby had the best pricing on foam (and there is always a 40% off coupon online!)

6} cut the foam.  (i found the best way to cut foam is by using a serrated bread knife.)  place on top of table.

7} cut a piece of quilt batting about 3 inches larger than the foam. place the piece on top of the foam and tuck the extra 3 inches over the side. wrap more quilt batting around the side until you are happy with the shape of the piece. you may need to tack the quilt batting down with a needle and thread so it doesn’t slide off the piece.

8} place your material centered over the foam.

9} using a long upholstery needle (available at any sewing store), starting from the underneath side, push the threaded needle through one side of the hole you drilled earlier until it pokes through to the top. run the needle through the button and back into the foam, making sure to find the other hole you drilled 1/4 inch from the entry hole. pull until you have correct tension you want to create your tufting. tie off underneath. (note:  if you want to use matching fabric covered buttons, you can buy button cover kits at any sewing store.) use embroidery thread or a strong thin string (regular thread will not be strong enough.)

10} continue until all buttons on your piece.

11} flip the piece over so you are looking at the underneath side. staple the loose material underneath. trim excess material.

12} put legs back on.

13} i wanted a little extra interest at the bottom so i tacked a decorative border at the bottom using upholstery tacks (available at any hardware store).

now put your feet up and rest on your new ottoman!

||| wednesday wishlist | books for gifting |||

books are probably my favorite gifts to give and receive–you must check these out!

||| mr. boddington’s studio has added some flair to these penguin classics. |||

||| sticker fashion | i have an unhealthy obsession with stickers and fashion.  so obviously, this is a must.  also take a look at the author’s blog here–it’s one of my faves |||

||| 100 ways to chic your life | jonathan adler is my idol |||

||| decorate workshop | another one of my favorite bloggers, holly becker of decor8, has released her book…can’t wait to check it out!|||

||| grace: a memoir |  i am actually reading this one at the moment and it is fantastic–the perfect gift for the fashion-lover in your life. |||

||| in the spirit of palm beach | lately, i have been into everything palm beach and would love to look through this book every time i feel like getting away. |||

||| seen on screen | christmas trees |||

planned spontaneity is back for december–as promised!  we love the holiday season and celebrate from thanksgiving all the way into the new year.  the first “get into the holiday spirit” activity that we like to do is watch our favorite christmas movies (while munching on popcorn and sipping some white wine, obviously).  as you know, i tend to notice the small details in the movies, so here is an abbreviated list of my favorite christmas trees from the silver screen.


||| national lampoon’s christmas vacation | the classic…to be viewed at least 3 times each december |||

||| how the grinch stole christmas | and then…”i will stuff up the tree!” |||

||| a charlie brown christmas | it’s too early, i never eat december snowflakes.  i always wait until january |||

||| home alone II: lost in new york | who can resist the nyc tree scene? |||

||| elf | sounds like the perfect day…”first we’ll make snow angels for a two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of tollhouse cookiedough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.” |||

||| a summer place | fake plastic trees |||