||| covetable collabs |||

lisa congdon for hygge & west | I would wallpaper every single wall in my house if I had the funds/time/energy/guarantee that I will be in this house forever to do so.  I have been obsessed with lisa congdon’s etsy shop for a long time now and when I saw her wallpaper collection, I could hardly breathe.  amaaaazing.

karl lagerfeld for shu uemura | very mod, very cool, and very karl.

rob pruitt for jimmy choo | I fell in love with unconventional beauty of contemporary art while interning at a museum during college and still like to keep up with my favorite artists.  better yet, his work now comes in the form of shoes—what could possibly be better than that combo?

maison martin margiela for h&m | the french label is bringing couture to the masses by teaming with h&m for a special edition collection.  it hits select store november 15—lines are sure to be long!  check out the full collection here.

||| inspired by | mickey mouse |||

mickey mouse has long been a staple in the world of fashion. i was inspired by the top picture of margaret trudeau (wife of canada’s 15th prime minister) that i found in life magazine from 1969.


i pulled all of these pictures from pinterest and it is evident that the simplicity and downright cuteness of this little guy is an inspiration to costume designers (patricia field for sex and the city) to street style icons (chiara ferragni of the blonde salad) to high fashion designers (jeremy scott) alike.

||| hope you are enjoying your weekend! -t |||

||| updates |||

we will be doing some site maintenance  in the next couple days, so if things look a little off, it should be back to normal (and better!) as soon as possible. just wanted to share this funny ad i found in a 1946 American Home magazine.

||| happy monday! -t |||

||| -tara |||

||| Sophisticated Paper Chain |||

Not sure what to do with those never-ending September issues and gorgeous ads?  Sew them together, of course!  I can rarely go without cutting up a magazine, even in Italy.  It’s like therapy.  With a strict “no tape on the walls” rules, I had to come up with a collage alternative: a paper chain of my favorite pages.

I cut out my favorite advertisements and photos and sewed them together with thread, tying the knots in the back.  A needle was a necessity (luckily the Euro store had a sewing kit!).  Though this may not fit with your home decor (I’m in a temporary apartment during my time abroad), the paper chain is also a nice twist on an inspiration board.
||| caio! Rachel |||

||| highlights | lucky magazine |||

The only benefit of  being on six flights this week has been that I finally got a chance to catch up on some of my favorite magazines.  I love Lucky Magazine for so many reasons and those little sticky tabs are so convenient!  Here were some of my favorite items in the August 2011 issue! -T
1. Glitter Sunglasses $390, Miu Miu|

2. ‘Realove’ Sandals $100, Steve Madden | Do not fear the ankle strap, just make sure it isn’t too tight!

3. Silk/Cashmere Sweaters $268, Equipment | Slouchy sweaters in every color imaginable.

4. Louis Vuitton collaboration with Yayoi Kusama–can’t get enough polka dots!

5. Sharon Paris gave these leather goods some extra quirkiness

6. Bianca Hall Neon Signs

7. Norah Jones “Little Broken Hearts”

Inspired By: Online Magazines

This week has been SO crazy busy at work so I am definitely looking forward to some relaxation this weekend.  Relaxation for me ALWAYS includes magazines, some outdoor time, my dogs, and my fiancee (oh yeah, and maybe you too, Rachel). 

I will finally get a chance to catch up on some of my online favorites as well.  I have always been a magazine addict—I cannot watch TV without a magazine and some scissors to cut out my favorite articles, pictures, layouts, etc.  I believe this habit started at about age 12 with Girl’s Life Magazine and I am afraid to think about how many journals I have filled up with my clippings! 

The great thing about online mags is that I can just Pin all the items I like without the mess!  I could name about 10 that I love, but here are my must reads:  Rue, Lonny, Matchbook and Adore.  Enjoy! -T