||| mel brooks | lifetime genius |||

today is a special day in the comedy world. today, mel brooks accepts the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award. basically, i’ve wanted to marry mel brooks since i was 8. what? you wanted to marry johnny depp when you were 8? fair enough. anyway, mel is amazing. tara and i often speak in movie quotes, and at the top of the list is Young Frankenstein. he’s a genius.

here are some cute mel-inspired prints by Funny Face Art:

Young Frankenstein Poster

The Producers Artistic Poster

Spaceballs artistic postercongrats, mel, you’ve changed an industry.

||| memorable movie moments | wedding dresses |||

The wedding is pretty much the only thing I can think of at the time.  I am getting so excited and actually feeling very calm about the whole affair thanks to the helping hands of my superwoman mom and amazing maid of honor, Rachel (not to mention I am marrying the best guy who ever existed in the entire world–you should see him, he is totally cute).

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for quite awhile now–the nature of my job usually allows for only one hobby at a time and for the past 4 months, the wedding has been my hobby.  Can’t wait to share the details :)!

Rachel and I are having a wedding movie marathon next Friday while finishing up a last minute project (folding napkins into bows!) and while I was researching what we should watch, I just had to share these memorable wedding dress moments from the silver screen.

Memorable Movie Moments - Wedding Dresses

check out more on our ||| memorable movie moments ||| pinterest board here.

||| seen on screen | christmas trees |||

planned spontaneity is back for december–as promised!  we love the holiday season and celebrate from thanksgiving all the way into the new year.  the first “get into the holiday spirit” activity that we like to do is watch our favorite christmas movies (while munching on popcorn and sipping some white wine, obviously).  as you know, i tend to notice the small details in the movies, so here is an abbreviated list of my favorite christmas trees from the silver screen.


||| national lampoon’s christmas vacation | the classic…to be viewed at least 3 times each december |||

||| how the grinch stole christmas | and then…”i will stuff up the tree!” |||

||| a charlie brown christmas | it’s too early, i never eat december snowflakes.  i always wait until january |||

||| home alone II: lost in new york | who can resist the nyc tree scene? |||

||| elf | sounds like the perfect day…”first we’ll make snow angels for a two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of tollhouse cookiedough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.” |||

||| a summer place | fake plastic trees |||

||| memorable movie moments | necklaces |||

hello! tara here with another memorable movie moments–this week’s starring accessory is the necklace.

||| wearing only this. |||

||| who could forget kate hudson in that gorgeous yellow dress with the matching diamonds in how to lose a guy in 10 days (ladies, frost yourselves!) |||

||| pretty woman |||

||| i know, i know, this is not from a movie per say, but the post would not be complete without the nameplate |||

||| i was obsessed with this heart toggle necklace when i saw legally blonde back in the day (my jr. high version was NOT from tiffany’s though) |||

||| i am not sure why this necklace stands out in my mind, but i absolutely loved this movie when it came out |||

||| wouldn’t be a jewelry post without liz taylor just as it wouldn’t be a shoe post without carrie bradshaw |||

||| columbiana is one of my favorite movies from the past year…highly recommend if you like action films |||

||| the little princess–i remember buying this movie (in vhs, no less!) and it came with the locket inside |||

||| watch | read | listen |||

||| watch: hit and run | i cannot say whether this movie is terrible or amazing as i have yet to see it, but i am a big fan of comedy and i am definitely looking forward to seeing it soon |||

||| read: then again by diane keaton | i absolutely love the open and honest tone of this memoir. diane keaton is a brilliant writer with a clear and distinctive voice and she is such an inspiring and strong woman. |||

||| listen: sparkle soundtrack | i am a musical theater nerd so i know i am going to love this soundtrack |||

||| movies we want to live in | big fish |||

Big Fish is my go-to movie when I can’t get my mind off those we’ve lost in the past.  Not only does the movie boast an extraordinary storyline, but also whimsical settings.  Big Fish is a Tim Burton adaptation of a 1998 novel by Daniel Wallace.  Here’s a few moments I’d like to be a part of:

Beyond romantic: Edward travels to five states to create a field of daffodils to impress Sandra (the love of his life who he’s never spoken with).

Time stands still at the circus when Edward first sees Sandra.  A stunning visual interpretation of the moment a person meets the love of his/her life.

Who wouldn’t want to visit the perfect town of Spectre (if you didn’t have to stay forever, of course!)?

Plus, with Sandra’s classy yet sweet dresses, perfect hair and ruby lips, it’s hard not to fall in love with this movie.

Must Watch: Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

       This documentary by Richard Press is an intimate look into the life of the 83-year-old New York Times fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham.  The most fascinating part of this documentary (for me) was the look into the way he chronicles the lives of real people in New York, regardless of age or social status.

     Cunningham lives his life the way he wants in a tiny apartment cluttered with file cabinets of his work and chooses to ride his Schwinn bike around the city to attend fashion shows (front row, of course) and the most exclusive events.  He is not interested in photographing the famous, but looks for the new and individualistic fashion sense everywhere he goes.  He often does not accept pay for his work, rationalizing that, “If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do.”

     I truly fell in love with this man after seeing this documentary.  He is a true inspiration for anyone who dreams of living a life pursuing their creative endeavors.

{You can watch the documentary on Netflix—I promise you will not be disappointed!}

 Enjoy! -T

 “He who seeks beauty will find it.”  –Bill Cunningham

Up in the Air

Tree houses…

I am completely fascinated by tree houses.  As a kid, I loved the thought of having my own space out in nature where I could read or do my homework or start a “No Boys Allowed” club with the rest of the neighborhood girls.

Rachel actually got to live out this dream because her dad built a tree house in their backyard (we even had electricity and rigged up a TV once!).

George of the Jungle got to live in a HUGE tree house with really cute primates that he could communicate with (not to mention Brendan Frasier was adorable in this).  I love the tree house from Now & Then, it’s like a dollhouse up in a tree.  And who could for get the original tree house dwellers, The Swiss Family Robinson.


Some people actually lived out their childhood fantasies by designing these beauties…


Built for relaxation, Free Spirit Spheres located in British Columbia, Canada are even more unbelievable on the inside (look here) as they are on the outside.  The 2nd picture is known as The Secret Garden Tree House and was built for an unnamed music mogul for a creative retreat.  Horace Cathedral…yes, it is an actual church complete with an indoor basketball court.  Wow.

Now all I have to do is move to a more predictable climate, make a really really lot of money, and figure out how to get my dogs up in a tree.

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Movies We Want To Live In: The Holiday

It may be June, but I still can’t help but watch The Holiday when I get a chance.  It’s like a warm chocolate chip cookie.  As Tara and I watch movies, we’re always commenting on the interiors and costume design.  So, this is for those movies that make us want to jump right into the screen.

What I wouldn’t give to:

Sleep in this delightfully simple bedroom (with automatic blinds, if you recall from the movie!).

Read a book, poolside.

Watch EVERY ONE of these movies, that I can only assume are classics.

Bake crumpets and drink tea while reading the morning paper in this quaint kitchen.

Light a few candles and play some classical music while bathing in this cozy bathtub.

And who wouldn’t want to dream with Jude Law and his cute daughters in this tent?