||| what a beautiful day |||

well, here in the midwest with the rainy & gloomy springtime i can’t necessarily say it’s a beautiful day in the traditional sense, but each day brings something beautiful. it may take some digging to find. breathe, and enjoy the life you have. a while back, i took this picture of a businessman playing chess on his lunch break with a (presumably) homeless man. it was a lovely moment to see such a simple act change a person’s day.

this is a new song from Joshua Radin’s new album, Wax Wings. it kind of makes me want to frolic through a field of flowers, i’m hoping it’ll brighten your day:

Businessman playing chess with homeless man

||| brave |||

jamie came across this new song “brave” by sara bareilles this week. i feel it’s quite fitting considering this week’s horrific events. we could all use a little bravery at a time like this. i typically post the song alone, but this video is too cute. i hope it inspires you to be brave and to remember those brave souls who lost their lives this week.

||| rachel |||

||| a little love |||

listen. love. feels appropriate, considering the upcoming holiday.

here’s a few things i’m loving this week: loveisafire

||| reminiscent melodies |||

i adore this song by City and Colour (suggested by our music correspondent, jamie).

the changes in tone throughout the song tell a story. it reminds me of my time in europe. okay, that’s a bit vague; i provided pictures:

thegirl||| enjoy your weekend! – R |||

||| new home & afternoon tune |||


i’m finally moved in to my lovely apartment in chicago! it’s been a long week, so we thought we’d share this lazy afternoon tune by the lumineers:

after a lengthy (but fun!) process of departing europe, holiday celebrations and moving into a new place, it’s time to enjoy the city again! we’re checking out the wine tastings at Red & White Chicago, held each Saturday from 2-5.

||| jazz aspen snowmass |||

this past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to aspen and snowmass for work to attend the jazz aspen snowmass festival. it has been super busy at work lately so I must admit that I wasn’t thrilled to be working through the weekend, but it turned out to be an amazing weekend filled with beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery, and (my favorite part) musical talent galore.

unfortunately, I am not the photog that rachel is and as I mentioned, I was working, so I didn’t get any really good pictures of the bands. however, I copied these photos from the jazz aspen snowmass facebook page.

the steve miller band kicked off the event on the main stage and the night ended with sugarland who put on such a fun performance (not much else to say about them because I had to leave early due to a migraine. ugh.)

saturday was probably my favorite day because I love mumford & sons (no idea I would see them live when rachel posted this!) and they were traveling with nathaniel rateliff. trombone shorty put on one of the most energetic performances of the weekend and was definitely a true jazz band (whereas, most of the others were rock).

sunday began with michael franti and the spearheads—if you have never seen them in concert, I definitely recommend it! they brought so many people up onto the stage so everyone was having a blast. the show ended with kid rock, whose music is a bit too intense for my tastes, but he really put on an amazing show and is a fantastic performer.

i worked in a booth at the outside magazine stage (2nd stage) so I got to be right up close to some of the bands who played. speaking of which, there is one more band that I just have to mention! I think you me & apollo is my new favorite band—definitely up and comers, sample their music here. I listened to their cd the entire 4 hour drive back to denver!

||| watch | read | listen |||

||| watch: hit and run | i cannot say whether this movie is terrible or amazing as i have yet to see it, but i am a big fan of comedy and i am definitely looking forward to seeing it soon |||

||| read: then again by diane keaton | i absolutely love the open and honest tone of this memoir. diane keaton is a brilliant writer with a clear and distinctive voice and she is such an inspiring and strong woman. |||

||| listen: sparkle soundtrack | i am a musical theater nerd so i know i am going to love this soundtrack |||

Music Philosophy

A few years ago, I discovered “Music Philosophy” by artist Mico Toledo.  Song quotes as art–so simple, yet it really adds interest to a print collection. Most of the lyrics are from classic rock songs with the occasional Regina Spektor or Jay-Z song thrown in for something new.

The first poster in my collection is this one from Elton John’s “Your Song”.  Mine is in a big gilded frame in my bedroom and I can’t help but smile every time I see it.  You cannot help but be inspired by the graphics and typography, not to mention the choice of lyrics.  I think my next addition will have to be from “The Beatles”–but I want them all!

Or So We Heard.

Adam Levine is a cutie (see below).

He’s also decent at the whole “music” gig, too (listen below).

The perfect song for getting ready for a night out on the town, or for casually listening to while blogging, as I’ve discovered.  Maroon 5’s “One More Night”:

[audio:http://plannedspontaneity.blog.com/files/2012/06/One-More-Night.mp3|titles=One More Night]

Or So We Heard.

Get your lovely summer Saturday started with Foster the People’s “Call It What You Want”!

[audio:http://plannedspontaneity.blog.com/files/2012/06/Call-It-What-You-Want.mp3|titles=Call It What You Want]