||| it’s our 1 year blogiversary! |||

we are so thankful for the amount of followers we have attracted in our first year! planned spontaneity was created by two cousins (here!) so we could collaborate and share creative thoughts despite the miles between us (or oceans last fall!). we’ve had so much fun and can’t wait to get back into blogging full-time after all this silly (beautiful) wedding stuff is over (pics of the future mrs. to come!)

thank you for supporting two crazy cousins, we are loving this!!

(just for fun, here’s our first logo draft:)


||| have a fabulous week – R |||

||| summer has arrived! | strawberry balsamic goat cheese crostini |||

Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar Goat Cheese Crostini Plate

summer has arrived and we are so happy to see it! nothing spurs creativity like a good craving. with strawberries in season, i couldn’t resist picking a basket up from the farmer’s market! these simple, yet elegant crostinis will be the perfect addition to this weekend’s gatherings.

Sliced Bread Loaf for Strawberry Crostini

these are so simple to make, it’s almost embarrassing. slice up an italian loaf into pieces about a half inch thick. spread oil on the bread and toast at 425° for about 5 min. while cooking, slice strawberries (i chunked & sliced these for added dimension). let cool and spread goat cheese (i used plain flavor). arrange  strawberries and add fresh torn basil, salt & pepper. drizzle balsamic vinegar over the top and voila! these’ll be the talk of the party monday!

Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar Goat Cheese Crostini

||| have a lovely weekend! rachel |||

||| brave |||

jamie came across this new song “brave” by sara bareilles this week. i feel it’s quite fitting considering this week’s horrific events. we could all use a little bravery at a time like this. i typically post the song alone, but this video is too cute. i hope it inspires you to be brave and to remember those brave souls who lost their lives this week.

||| rachel |||

||| things that make me nervous |||

inspiration comes from all aspects of life, including those which make you feel like a horse in a dog show. here’s the essence of that inspiration in list form:

things that make me nervous:

– sweaters with sleeves that are too tight

– people my own age who act my age

– yelling at the bus driver to open the back door

– people eating seafood

– explaining that I am not actually a vegetarian, just an extremely picky eater

– public affection

– when girls are angry

– the movie Spring Breakers

– doing simple math while people are watching

– music festivals

the list has led me to face my fears. i applied to be a lead volunteer at Lollapalooza 2013. yikes. *disclaimer* according to my parents, i’ve essentially been a 30 year old since i was 4.

||| extraordinary ordinary objects | the umbrella stand |||



||| 1. boots $79.95, z gallerie | 2. london undercover | 3. umbrella $59.95, pier 1 | 4. porcelain $88, overstock |||

||| travel tip thursday | la |||


finally, a travel tip stateside! this tip is for those of you heading to la. we had read lovely reviews about church & state, a french bistro in central la, on yelp and had to try it for ourselves. below, you’ll see the bar area, pear & brie flatbread, le cachat, tarte aux champignons & escargots de bourgogne en croûte.

my apologies for the dark pictures, this was the first week with my new camera & we ate outdoors (highly recommended, weather permitting).

||| the stairs of italy |||


as i was reminiscing through photos from italy, i noticed an obvious theme: i (apparently) enjoy photographing stairs. it seems logical, they’re ideal subjects; almost perfect, they rarely move. i rounded up my favorites below (yes, these are the elite stair pictures, there are others). the descriptions are below the collection.

i was going to include a tacky “take the stairs to success” metaphor, but i’ll just leave you with interesting stair pictures.


||| inside the wall, lucca ||| into the vineyard, montepulciano ||| santa maria novella, florence ||| above our patio, florence ||| to the library, san lorenzo ||| pitti palace, florence ||| winding stairs, the vatican ||| ancient ruin stairs, rome ||| my favorite, the stairs to nowhere, pienza ||| down to a wine cellar, montepulciano ||| across a bridge, venice ||| winding down, san gimignano ||| the land of stairs, cinque terre ||| the most terrifying stairs, duomo of florence

||| Rachel |||


||| happy international women’s day |||

||| happy international women’s day |||

so i was browsing pinterest the other day (ha. “the other day” as if i don’t look at it every hour…) and i came across the image below. i had seen the original before and remember thinking, “well, that’s a … Continue reading

||| extraordinary ordinary objects | the dish rack |||


||| 1. white wire dish rack at world market $19.99 | 2. dish doctor at hive modern $96 | 3. tempo dish rack at unica home $122 | 4. green basin at umbra $30 | 5. bunny dish rack at culture label $42.77 |||

||| love what you do |||

you know when you occasionally get caught up in… life? well, that’s where i’ve been the past few weeks. living.

i attended a free seminar at next door cafe last wednesday, “dream first, job second” with Laurel Donnellan from Bright Livelihoods. by creating a passion profile, others (who i had never met) were responsible for listing potential hobbies/jobs/careers ideal for my profile. at the top of both lists was “create a blog”. though this shouldn’t have shocked me, it did.

and so i’m back, blogging about blogging! (& still working to stray away from food posts!)

strive to do something you are truly passionate about this week.

||| happy monday! – R |||