||| not britney spears | not yet a woman |||

to clarify: this post is not to compare myself to britney spears, although that gives me an excellent idea for another post. i recently referred to myself as a teenager, which i’m not. then it hit me – why don’t i consider myself a ‘woman’? Below are the reasons I’ve come up with so far:

–  I can’t put a clasp bracelet on by myself

– I forget simple things like to button the back of my shirt

– I can only master my hair, makeup or outfit on any given day

– I’ve never spent more than five minutes paying bills

– I never dress appropriately for the weather – ever

– I haven’t been to a class reunion

– I still consider three Oreos a proper meal

– I don’t pack appropriately when going home and assume my mom will figure it out for me

if this hits home, know that you are not alone in being an awkward teenage-adult.

||| rachel |||

||| things that make me nervous |||

inspiration comes from all aspects of life, including those which make you feel like a horse in a dog show. here’s the essence of that inspiration in list form:

things that make me nervous:

– sweaters with sleeves that are too tight

– people my own age who act my age

– yelling at the bus driver to open the back door

– people eating seafood

– explaining that I am not actually a vegetarian, just an extremely picky eater

– public affection

– when girls are angry

– the movie Spring Breakers

– doing simple math while people are watching

– music festivals

the list has led me to face my fears. i applied to be a lead volunteer at Lollapalooza 2013. yikes. *disclaimer* according to my parents, i’ve essentially been a 30 year old since i was 4.

||| inspired by | mickey mouse |||

mickey mouse has long been a staple in the world of fashion. i was inspired by the top picture of margaret trudeau (wife of canada’s 15th prime minister) that i found in life magazine from 1969.


i pulled all of these pictures from pinterest and it is evident that the simplicity and downright cuteness of this little guy is an inspiration to costume designers (patricia field for sex and the city) to street style icons (chiara ferragni of the blonde salad) to high fashion designers (jeremy scott) alike.

||| hope you are enjoying your weekend! -t |||