||| summer in chicago | taste of randolph |||

okay, i’m a little behind… but still had to share. how could i not with all of these amazing restaurants? below are our top pics from the taste of randolph this past weekend: thyme & oregano kettle corn from the tasting room, chips & and a hefty helping of quac from de cero, spinach arancini from marcello’s , tacos from belly q & a gorgeous view on the patio of city winery.
Taste of Randolph Chicago collage

||| what a beautiful day |||

well, here in the midwest with the rainy & gloomy springtime i can’t necessarily say it’s a beautiful day in the traditional sense, but each day brings something beautiful. it may take some digging to find. breathe, and enjoy the life you have. a while back, i took this picture of a businessman playing chess on his lunch break with a (presumably) homeless man. it was a lovely moment to see such a simple act change a person’s day.

this is a new song from Joshua Radin’s new album, Wax Wings. it kind of makes me want to frolic through a field of flowers, i’m hoping it’ll brighten your day:

Businessman playing chess with homeless man

||| brave |||

jamie came across this new song “brave” by sara bareilles this week. i feel it’s quite fitting considering this week’s horrific events. we could all use a little bravery at a time like this. i typically post the song alone, but this video is too cute. i hope it inspires you to be brave and to remember those brave souls who lost their lives this week.

||| rachel |||

||| a little love |||

listen. love. feels appropriate, considering the upcoming holiday.

here’s a few things i’m loving this week: loveisafire

||| reminiscent melodies |||

i adore this song by City and Colour (suggested by our music correspondent, jamie).

the changes in tone throughout the song tell a story. it reminds me of my time in europe. okay, that’s a bit vague; i provided pictures:

thegirl||| enjoy your weekend! – R |||

||| new home & afternoon tune |||


i’m finally moved in to my lovely apartment in chicago! it’s been a long week, so we thought we’d share this lazy afternoon tune by the lumineers:

after a lengthy (but fun!) process of departing europe, holiday celebrations and moving into a new place, it’s time to enjoy the city again! we’re checking out the wine tastings at Red & White Chicago, held each Saturday from 2-5.

||| watch | read | listen |||

||| watch: hit and run | i cannot say whether this movie is terrible or amazing as i have yet to see it, but i am a big fan of comedy and i am definitely looking forward to seeing it soon |||

||| read: then again by diane keaton | i absolutely love the open and honest tone of this memoir. diane keaton is a brilliant writer with a clear and distinctive voice and she is such an inspiring and strong woman. |||

||| listen: sparkle soundtrack | i am a musical theater nerd so i know i am going to love this soundtrack |||

||| or so we heard |||

My good friend, Jamie (our unofficial music aficionado), will have the pleasure of seeing this lovely band this very evening:

Mumford & Sons, a British folk band (aren’t they adorable?), recently released their first single of their highly-anticipated album, “Babel”,  September 24 (more info on their site). The song is appropriately titled “I Will Wait”, as many are patiently doing with their upcoming album.

I Will Wait

Plus, they have a blog.  Have a wonderful weekend!

||| extraordinary ordinary objects | earbuds |||

Earbuds are a staple for any well-seasoned traveler or exercise fiend and if you are carrying them around with you every single day–they might as well be cute!

| 1. signature spade earbuds $40, kate spade |

| 2. dvf heart earbuds $25, dvf |

| 3. butterfly lovers earbuds $198, anthropologie |

| 4. napa black and gold $150, molami |

| 5. tortoise shell buds $60, nixon |

| 6. electric yellow buds $24, marc by marc jacobs |

||| watch | read | listen |||


Beloved (Christophe Honoré) will be in theaters this Friday, August 17 (my 24th birthday!!).  I can’t say much about it due to the fact that I haven’t actually seen it yet, but I do know the following:  Catherine Deneuve (and her real-life daughter!), the swinging ’60s, Paris, music and love…what more could a girl want in a movie?


I picked this book up at the airport on a flight delay and finished it before I even boarded the plane.  Advice: do not fly out of JFK on a Friday night (especially if you do not have a good book!)  I remember reading the Traveling Pants series in jr. high and high school and I loved them.  Sisterhood Everlasting (Ann Brashares) revisits the girls of the Traveling Pants 10 years later in a story about true friendship, love, and this ever-changing lives we lead.


New Alanis Morissette (listen/buy here)–I must be feeling a bit nostalgic today because Alanis Morrissette was the soundtrack to my summers as a lifeguard in high school.  Havoc and Bright Lights adds a little lightness to my old Alanis favorites, which is just what I’m looking for at this point in my life.